LEDBLADE is a new generation in professional LEDstripe systems for creative shows and event designers

In software - In hardware - In set up - In configuration

Possibilities - Creativity - Integrability - Visions

Main Reasons

Outstanding parameters,unique qualities

    • NOT DMX controlled it utilizes SPI protocol.
    • Developed for quick and easy physical installation, can be reassembled easily on daily basis.
    • Tour version, road ready, takes up little space, light so it can be transported simply.
    • Fast, simple content installation, may even be as little as a few minutes.
    • Very stable, reliable system, so it is extremely economical.

High quality to meet any standards

    • Hungarian (EU) product.
    • Reliable Hungarian service backup, training and development.
    • Manufactured by hand, using quality materials.
    • Unique design, creative content opportunities.
    • Testing, demonstration and viewing during exhibitions.

Multipurpose, limited only by the imagination

    • By creating stunning backdrops.
    • Increase the space, edge-enhancement.
    • Can be integrated into a whole stage setting.
    • Can be used indoor or outdoor.

Limitless variations, can be adjusted to individual needs

    • 3 types of standard stripe-length: 0.5 m / 1 m / 2 m. For over 500 m orders we can manufacture any length stripes.
    • To connect the stripes, other than with the standard size cables, optional 1 m, 2 m, and 4 m cables may be ordered. Should need be, we can manufacture extra long cables as well.
    • Numerous fastening and securing options. In accordance with individual requirements, sliding, rotating, magnetic, etc. delivery option are available.
    • Power supply units can be deployed anywhere along the connected stripes. Redundant power supplies may also be connected.
    • The stripes come standard with black, matt, see-through cover, from which frost can be removed easily. We also have the capacity to manufacture any colour, individual pixel quality products as well.

Excellent price/value ratio (quick return on investment)

    • Extra durable, functional, economical, quality product.
    • Developed taking into account the AV rental experiences, for especially the AV rental corporate segment.
    • The LEDBLADE brings even higher visual representations than traditional LED stripes, providing a competitive edge.

Find out more about LEDBLADE

  • In case you have had experience with traditional stripes that made you weary of such systems, please do let us demonstrate to you first-hand the outstanding properties and many advantages of the LEDBLADE system.
  • If you have found the above convincing, that the LEDBLADE system really is an excellent product, please contact us for further information, quotation.